Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Living on the Nile

We have been talking about Egypt in the Old Kingdom.

VERY fascinating stuff!

We started with the Nile. Which was so resourceful to the people! The girls painted a mural of the Nile. They painted all the resources, animals, and what people might be doing on the Nile.

Next we read about the Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt and then the merging of the two thus creating a powerful Egypt. (Hence the double crown)

We finished this week off with mummies and pyramids. A life so long ago- so intriguing. If you dont remember your ancient history- I encourage you to check out a few library books about Egypt- very intriguing!

The girls mummified their stuffed animals just like a high priest would an honorable person back then. It was pretty detailed- I bet the girls never forget that process!!

And later they built pyramids out of sugar cubes. It took alot of work and designing to make this happen. We talked about how hard it must have been for all those people building those HUGE pyramids in back then!

King Tut also stopped by too. He will be staying for a while. ;)

Next week we will move onto the life of an Egyptian- should be lots more fun!

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