Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Around The World

Because our schooling this year is based with World History, we are going with a fun CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD unit for the Christmas season.
We will cover 6 countries. Sweden, Italy, Mexico, England, Germany, and France. We will be reading from the series of books "Christmas Around The World" by Kristin Thoennes. To look at her amazing books click here.

Not only will be get a good dose of geography and world history, we will also do fun Christmas activities and crafts that are done in these countries. We will eat the traditional treats eaten around the holidays. We will learn the culture and customs through readings and stories and then write about them. Our spelling and vocabulary will also come from this unit. We will learn how to spell and define words like tradition and celebrate as well as the country itself.

In order to get ready for our expedition around the world, we put together our briefcases and passports. Its gonna be so much fun! I hope this is something the girls will never forget!

Will share more as we journey around the world, will also post more pics!!

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