Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look a what we're doing in school!

Its been HARD to get back into the routine of school! We have been getting there slowly but surely.

We added a new elective to our studies. Our daddy and the girls are learning GUITAR! We bought this curriculum called "Learn and Master" Guitar made by Legacy Learning Systems and put together by Gibsons Guitars.

We love learning new things, but it seems hard to budget the time and the money for private lessons. This is the PERFECT set up for us.

Basically our dad looks over the teachers guide and gains an understanding as t
o whats to be learned the week ahead. Then everyone sits down and watches the video lesson. They practice with the video, and all week long. They have a workbook that
helps them learn the new chords and such.

Everyone is learning- so I am sold! This is a two year program, that we can do on our time, and save money! Read more about this particular program and much more by clicking on the link.

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