Friday, September 7, 2012

School at Home

We love to homeschool but my goodness we have got to stay organized. Here is our homeschool room. Each shelf has a purpose, each book has a place. I have two corkboards, one is our weekly memory board. A board we go over all our weekly memorization.

We homeschool using Classical Conversations as our main curriculum. We meet up once a week for all the kids to get together and learn the new grammar.  I am a tutor of my son's class, I help with the science projects, and I help with the afternoon care. SO I have lot's of baggage to carry. Here is my system.We have a dry erase tri-board I made- it folds and has a handle. Then we carry a tub with all my stuff in it as well as a rolling cart.

My favorite homeschool tool is my rolling board. One side is chalkboard, and one side is dry erase. See how I have put it to use already this year?!

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